The blockchain-based future of the labor market

Granite is a unique ecosystem for businesses, educational organizations and professionals

Granite helps to save time and money spent on searching for, hiring and training employees
The ecosystem contains four main modules: Trusted CV, Competency Maps, Candidate Matching System, and Analysis System. The implementation is based on the Ethereum public blockchain.
Stop wasting your valuable time on endless interviews
Multistage interviews and rigorous checks will no longer be needed because the Granite Trusted CV reliably stores information about a potential employee's qualifications, skills, and achievements. This data is provided directly by the organization where the person worked, was trained, or was certified, and it is backed by the reputation of this organization.
All data is verified and need no checking
All data is stored in a blockchain, which creates a trusted environment and excludes any possibility of tampering
Only Smart CV owners decide who can access their CVs
One and the same competency can be verified by several different organizations
Time savings
Minimizes the time span between the first contact and the signing of a contract with an applicant
Cost savings
Reduce costs of searching for and selecting potential employees
Develop your employees
Granite competency maps are customized learning paths to acquiring competencies that are in demand on the labor market. These maps help to create effective plans for individual development.
Find the best professionals
There will be no more need to pay huge fees to the external HR agencies for recruiting employees. By using Granite and its candidate matching system, which is synchronized with the trusted CVs, you will be able to quickly select the most suitable professionals.
Stay up to date
The Granite Analysis System collects statistical data and evaluates demand for and supply of specific skills and competencies.
Collected data is used for designing effective competency maps, creating job descriptions, and calculating organizations rankings.
Granite Token
Granite tokens (GLC) based on ERC20 serve as a means of payment for Granite services as well as a tool for managing the development of the ecosystem and interacting with organizations outside the Ethereum network. It is assumed that there will be demand for tokens as a tool of payment for services, which will grow along with the number of platform users. This will make GLC tokens an asset with high liquidity in the interests of community members.
Granite Team
Our team members have an extensive experience in designing and bringing to the global market a wide range of digital products in the spheres of e-learning, virtual reality, information security, and telecommunications.
Alexander Shabanov
Business development, marketing
Boris Strelchik
Oleg Geranin
Product design
Michael Chekanov
Coordinator, blockchain expert
Slava Apanyuk
Public relations
Alex Kureev
Lead developer
Andrew Klimenok
Quality assurance
Andrew Vorontsov
Financial adviser
Alex Mukhanchikov
Business development adviser
Sergey Sevantsyan
Blockchain adviser
We are always looking for talented individuals who could contribute to the development of the ecosystem
The launch of the Granite project and the beginning of concept development.
December 2016
The product concept was developed, and the team's core was built. The design stage began.
February 2017
The main components of the system were designed and described. Detailed planning including tasks, goals, evaluation of the budget and other points was carried out.
June 2017
A project portfolio was developed. The stage of UI / UX design and R&D began in order to develop Proof of Concept (POC).
July 2017
Preparations for the ICO aimed at raising funds for implementing the project in its entirety.
August 2017
Start of Pre-ICO
February 2018
Start of the MVP development
Q1 2018
Trusted CV service testing and the launch of a system for interaction with investors and the community
Q2 2018
The launch of a certification service for organizations; Candidate Matching System testing.
Q3 2018
The release of platform applications for managing trusted CVs and candidate matching; the system will start servicing commercial organizations and users.
Q4 2018
Investment Round B; the launch of a beta version of the service for analyzing big data.
Q1 2019
The connection of technology partners to the ecosystem; system integration testing.
Q2 2019
The global launch and promotion of the Granite ecosystem.
Q3 2019
The exact date of the ICO
will be announced later
Project protocol
Hard Cap
25.000 ETH
GLC Token Price
0.0025 ETH
Supported currencies
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