The exact date of the ICO
will be announced later
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ICO Details
During the ICO, we will distribute 40% of the total amount of tokens (25,000,000 GLC). After the ICO closes, GLC tokens that have not been distributed will be destroyed in equal proportions.

The ICO is considered to be successful upon reaching a soft cap of 3,000 ETH. The ICO may be terminated early at reaching a hard cap of 25,000 ETH or due to threats to information security.

If the ICO happens to be unsuccessful, Granite will refund the proceeds net of transaction costs and fees of escrow agents who ensure that the ICO transactions are correct.
ICO launch date
To be announced
Total number of tokens
25.000.000 GLC
Hard cap
25.000 ETH
Supported currencies
Project protocol
GLC token price
0.0025 ETH
The ICO is divided into several stages.
(50% bonus)
600 PGLC = 1 ETH
Lauch: February 1, 2018
ICO Stage 1
(20% bonus)
480 GLC = 1 ETH
Launch: TBA
ICO Stage 2
(10% bonus)
440 GLC = 1 ETH
Launch: TBA
ICO Stage 3
400 GLC = 1 ETH
Launch: TBA
Initial distribution of tokens
Development fund
10,000,000 (40%) tokens will be distributed among investors during the ICO.
7,500,000 (30%) tokens will be frozen in the interests of the Granite Foundation to ensure the development of the project and the community in the following stages. All tokens will be frozen until the launch of the first version of the Granite platform.
5,000,000 (20%) tokens will be frozen in the interests of founders and advisers.

The founders' tokens will stay frozen for 2 years, with a share of 25% unfrozen every 6 months. The advisers' tokens will stay frozen for 1 year, with a share of 25% unfrozen every 3 months.

2,500,000 (10%) tokens will be allocated to a fund for free distribution among technology partners. These tokens cannot be sold on the market.
Distributions of funds collected
The allocation of funds for the implementation of the core Granite services (in shares):
Marketing and sales
User support and investor support
Administrative and business expenses
Information security
Legal and financial support
The distribution of extra funds from the Granite Foundation:
R&D and development of additional services
International marketing

Community development
Development of standards for the classification of skills and competencies
Bounty programs
SOC (Security Operation Center)
Project Plan
Depending on the amount of funds collected, there are several tiers for their allocation. At Tier 1, the main Granite project will be implemented and developed. Reaching Tiers 2, 3, and 4 will enable us to develop the community and additional service functionality and to improve the quality of standards for the development of human capital and the ecosystem as a whole.

Tier 1
3.000 ETH
The launch of the core Granite services.
Trusted CV, Knowledge Base, Candidate Matching System, Competency Mapping, Analysis System.
Tier 2
9.000 ETH
The development of the expert system and the user community. Integration with technology partners and the development of an internal communications platform.

The development of standard competency matrices for different industries; the development of recommendations for and standards of training and development for commercial companies; the HRtech Awards program for the development of new labor market technologies; built-in online communications (the development of webRTC and our own infrastructure); SDKs for mobile applications; a technical sandbox for partners and a system of external plug-ins.
Tier 3
17.000 ETH
The creation of a system of labor relations based on the Granite ecosystem.
Hiring people within the ecosystem; teleworker management; cryptocurrency payments in the labor market; online competitions.
Tier 4
25.000 ETH
Maximum automation of labor market relations and performance management.
AI application in making decisions concerning recruitment; correlations between professional development and performance; classification and management of people's achievements; establishment of representative offices of the decentralized labor market all over the world.
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